Hook Family

Hook Family

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Niagara Falls and Palmyra Adventures!

We were so blessed to go on an INCREDIBLE family Adventure this last weekend!! We were able to go visit Niagara Falls and then the Sacred Grove and Hill Cumorah! It was truly amazing to see the beautiful world God has created and feel of the profound Spirit in Palmyra. Here are some of the details of our adventures!

Friday April 27th, 2012

We started our journey driving through Ohio, Pennsylvania and then New York. We had never been to Pennsylvania or NY so it was very exciting for us. We drove straight to Niagara Falls(NF) and as soon as we got close we could see the cloud of mist!  I couldn't believe we could see it so far away! We then got to Goat Island which is in between the falls. We got out of the car... it felt like it was raining but it was a clear day! HAHA We were so excited to now feel the mist. Little did we know we were in for allot more than that! :) We walked and first saw Horseshoe Falls. WOW! Then we did what they call the Cave of Winds... They have you take off your shoes and put on sandals and wear stunning yellow ponchos! Then you take a very fast elevator and go down to the base of Bridal Veil and the American Falls!! WOW!! You get to walk right up to the base!! You get soaking wet and your heart feels like its going to beat out of your chest because its soooo loud and powerful and exciting!!! Deron and I took turns going up to the closest deck, Hurricane Deck, so that Alyse didn't get TOO wet!:) She was super great and fell asleep as we were walking back to the elevator!
After walking around taking more pictures and enjoying the incredible views we went to go check in at our Inn. WOW!! It was sooooo nice! We loved staying at the Red Coach Inn! They welcome you like you are royalty and treat you that way the entire time! From our room is the most awesome view of the falls and Canadian Skyline. Our room was literally a few feet from the falls and we could hear the ROAR all night long! I was worried it would be too loud but we LOVED it! It added to the adventure! After checking out our place for the night and oooing and awing over it we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner... all the while thinking of Jess and even found memorabilia from The Who!
That night Alyse did awesome... she went right down at 7pm and didn't wake up til 7 am! NICE!!!:) Blessings.....

Saturday April 28th

We woke up to the roaring falls and had a delicious breakfast at the Inn. It has been voted top 10 places to go on your Honeymoon and the Restaurant has been awarded to match!! Then we walked over to the American Falls and caught the first Maid of the Mist boat ride of the morning!! OK.... Let it be said right now this is an absolute MUST when you go to NF!!! It was .... I cant even tell you in words... You again get these awesome ponchos... Blue this time... and take a boat right up inside all the mist of the falls.... You are so close and it is so INTENSE! We got dripping dripping dripping wet!! And had the best time!! Alyse did whimper a little when she got the worst part of it but we were quickly able to calm her and yet again she fell asleep in Deron's arms on the ride back to shore!:) We have the best baby! She was such a trooper!!
When you get off the boat you are able to see all three falls from the observation deck! This was by far the best view of all three falls at the same time!!
Then, we tried to dry off and got in the car and drove only about an hour and a half to Palmyra!!

Palmyra is such a Sacred and Beautiful place! The visitor center at the Smith Farm is very nice and we had a Sister missionary from Tonga show us the two houses on the farm and give us a nice tour! It was such a neat experience to stand in the same place that Angel Moroni came to Joseph Smith! Then it was the end of the tour and she let us go on to the Sacred Grove just as a family! We were so blessed to be the only ones in the Sacred Grove! What a wonderful spirit is there... it felt as if we were in the temple together. It strengthened my testimony that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ really did appear to Joesph Smith and that he restored the true Gospel of Jesus Christ here on the earth! We were able to spend a great amount of time together walking and praying and pondering! What an incredible blessing to be there and to be together! We know because of the events that happened there we can be Together Forever and we are so grateful for that!

The Hill Cumorah is three miles down the road and has a beautiful statue and monument of Angel Moroni.
Oh and also it is sooo awesome to see the Palmyra Temple!!! It was very special because it was the first temple dedication I was able to attend when it was broadcasted in AZ! Also the temple overlooks the Sacred Grove... How neat!!
We also went to the visitor center and saw the Christis... we love seeing that!! I have to admit it made me a little home sick for SLC!

We then spent the night in Manchester.... lets just say this hotel made me REALLY appriciate the Inn from the night before!:)

Sunday April 29

We were blessed to go to church in Palmyra and then headed home! Alyse did great on the 5 hours home... We are all excited to be home but feel so blessed for the sacred and amazing things we experienced this weekend!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

We were extremely blessed to travel much during the hoildays to our family in Arizona and Texas. Here are some pictures of our adeventures!!


The past two years have brought so many blessings into our little Hook family. I am hoping that this will be a place where we can share the tender mercies of the Lord that we have seen and the Joy we feel as a family!